How did a family from Zagreb end up living in Western Žumberak?

It all started 2010 when we accidentally met this wonderful breed during holiday on the beach and we fell in love at the first sight. The woman who introduced us to her Lagotto very fast became our close friend and in our home came Ria, snowy white Lagotto female with wonderful friendly personality and won our hearts. Ria was learning extremely fast and the way she listened to what we were saying fascinated us more and more each day. A dog with a human personality, without any smell, with anti allergic hair which is not falling off was just perfect for life in the city.

In that time we had a weekend house in Žumberak where we would go always when we had time. Even though we knew that Lagotto’s are excellent truffle hunters and that Ria was trained to search them, we never planned to do that seriously. One day when we were walking through the forest, Ria ran away and started to dig. When she came back she brought black truffle size of a walnut. She was waving her tail and put the truffle right in front of us. Same day we went back to that place and Ria found two more truffle’s. Exciting game which a human and a dog can enjoy together became more interesting every time.

2013. We decided to have one litter just to fulfill our childhood wish and see how it is to have so many puppies. Completely in love with puppies, we have decided to keep one girl just so Ria has company. In the end, we kept a boy and a girl!

Completely blown away with Lagotto’s, we have decided to make a big step and move to our house in Žumberak. The lower part of the house became our home and the upper part became a Guesthouse with two rooms. Today we have 8 Lagotto’s and our small kennel is a part of a big FCI family. We are enjoying in spending the days with Lagotto’s and our guests and living our lifes in untouched nature which we always dreamed about. Lagotto Romagnolo has completely changed our lifes, we hope your Lagotto will also change yours! 🙂